Leader Involvement Precedes Employee Involvement

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Leader Involvement Precedes Employee Involvement

Leader Involvement Precedes Employee Involvement Leader Involvement Precedes Employee Involvement

Executive, managers, supervisors and team leaders recognize the value that comes from increased employee involvement. They often struggle with how to get that involvement. We’ll explore five leadership actions that will increase employee involvement and drive gains in productivity, quality and workplace morale. The three main benefits of greater employee involvement: 1. Because they are […]

Distractions From Adding Value

Distractions From Adding Value

Distractions from Adding Value Front line supervisors and sales people in recent workshops have been grumbling more than usual about oppressive workloads, the resulting stress and the inability to focus on important, but less urgent tasks. Now before you allow yourself to say, “Suck in up buttercup, just get it done,” think a little deeper. […]

Us and Them or We

Us and them or we? Does your management team inadvertently have an us versus them mentality? One of the symptoms is when managers speak poorly of supervisors or employees or vice versa. Or it might be assuming that the front line fully understands the direction and strategy when in fact they don’t. It might be […]

Forget Motivating

Forget Motivating, Avoid De-Motivating For all the efforts that organizations and front line leaders place on creating a motivational climate, they should put some attention on reducing or eliminating the de-motivators. Here are some of the ways you might be de-motivating your employees and how to turn it around: 1. Punishing your good performers To […]

How Trustworthy are You?

How Trustworthy are You? Newspaper headlines focus on a never ending series of trust breaches in institutions, government, politicians, CEO’s, and companies. Because trust has been breached, everyone is inconvenienced. Long security lines at the airport, extra hoops to go through when applying for a loan, and lots of fine print to read and re-read. […]

Dealing with the Dysfunctionally Defensive

Whenever we teach our Front Line Leadership program for supervisors and managers, inevitably we get approached by a frustrated participant who has an employee with a seemingly bizarre behavior that seems to defy logic. The key indicator that there is a dysfunctional behavior is a persistent or out of the ordinary reaction that doesn’t fit […]

Dealing with Unacceptable Employee Behaviors

Fortunately the majority of employees are motivated, pleasant and productive. Unfortunately, the small number of employees with attitude, behavior and performance problems can disproportionately and negatively impact the front line supervisor/manager. Should you accept or correct unacceptable behaviors? Dealing with difficult employee behaviors is a challenge for most supervisors and managers. Unlike a tangible performance […]

From Doer to Leader

When a great employee becomes a team leader, supervisor or manager, the transition isn’t always smooth. This week we examine some of the challenges and advice for moving from doer to leader.    Great workers can become mediocre leaders if they don’t acknowledge that some of the characteristics of being a great worker can work […]

People or Objects?

I had some exciting news last week. The book I co-authored with my father Irwin reached number 8 on the Globe and Mail Business Books Bestseller List.  The book is Employees Not Doing What You Expect and has now been published in India, Latin America and Korea. Now we return to our regularly scheduled LeaderFeeder… […]