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what is winning to you

What is Winning to You?

How can you focus your team on winning the day? Most companies want to win, and most team members want to win – but they don’t have a clear idea of what winning each day means. They are just going through the methods and processes without knowing that what they do is making a significant difference […]

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resolving conflict

Resolving Conflict

How do you resolve a conflict or a disagreement between two of your team members? Today, people have shorter fuses due to the underlying worry and anxiety that comes along with the COVID-19 situation. If people on your team are losing it too easily, it is probably because of that underlying anxiety. When two employees […]

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build strong relationships

Build Strong Relationships

What do the people you interact with on a regular basis need from you, and how can you strengthen those relationships? If you can build strong relationships with everyone you interact with, it will make it a lot easier to get things done. You will be able to get things you need more quickly and […]

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Is Virtual Training Here to Stay

Is Virtual Training Here to Stay?

When restrictions are reduced, will companies go back to in-person meetings and training sessions? Or will it stay virtual? Let’s examine the trend of e-books. In the e-book industry, they predicted that everyone would be reading them. But what happened? They certainly grew, but at the end of the day, they only represent a third […]

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situational leadership

Shifting Your Leadership Approach

How should you shift your leadership approach to match what your team members need? Situational leadership is an adaptive leadership style. It encourages leaders to take stock of their team members, weigh the many variables in their workplace. And then they can choose the leadership style that best fits their goals and circumstances. Managers who […]

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potential and goals

Potential and Goals

What is the full potential of your operation? Focus your team on their potential and set goals high enough for yourself, and your team. By setting high targets, you can motivate your team to excel beyond what they think possible. Here are three tips to help focus your team on their potential: 1. Identify the […]

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Focus on People to Drive Results_Podcast

Focus on People to Drive Results

How can you drive up results by focusing on your people? Interpersonal skills are an important quality that all successful leaders must have. This poses a big challenge for you as a front-line leader because chances are you were promoted based on your technical skills, not necessarily your interpersonal skills. Work on harnessing those personal […]

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what do you value

What Do You Value?

What do you value as a leader? People can tell what you value based on what you talk about, what you focus on, and what you spend your time on. It is the same within an organization. Your employees are paying attention to these things. Do your values reflect what you care about as a […]

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lead with humanity

Lead with Humanity

How can you learn to lead with and embrace humanity? Do not forget the human side of human resources. You as a leader, have a lot to focus on, but what about the emotional needs of your team? “This person cared about me as a human being” – when you lead with humanity, it is […]

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rise above office politics

Rise Above Office Politics

How do you deal with office politics? Some symptoms of office politics include, people having closed-door meetings–where they are talking about other people on the team–and people with cynical attitudes who gossip in a high-school way. Here are four tips for you to rise above office politics as a leader: 1. Avoid taking part. This […]

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