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Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options Explore Your Options - Unique Training and Development

Do you know why you should consider your options?  You don’t want to narrow down your choices too quickly when solving problems or making decisions. My dad always told me when I was buying something, I needed to look at two or three different options. He was coaching me on how to become a better […]

Respect: Demand it or Earn it?

Respect: Demand it or Earn it? White Collar Worker

 Respect – should you demand it or earn it? In the past, a leader could expect respect simply because of their position. That still exists somewhat today, but more recently, the culture is changing into the belief that respect is something that must be earned. When you think of a leader who you respected, […]

Maximizing Leadership Training Impact

Maximizing Leadership Training Impact

 What factors make the difference when it comes to the success of leadership training in your organization? How can you as a manager ensure that your leadership team gets the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to leadership training? Here are the three biggest insights we’ve gained over the past 30 plus […]

How Should Leaders Apologize?

How Should Leaders Apologize?

 How should leaders apologize? In a recent Leader Feeder episode, I discussed that one of the first steps to rebuild trust is to offer a sincere apology. A recent study revealed helpful suggestions on the difference between an ineffective and effective apology. Whether you watch a politician, an actor or a business executive apologize, […]