Passing The Test As A New Leader

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5 Tips for First-Time Managers

Jennifer King, HR Analyst at Software Advice, posted an excellent list of five tips for newly-promoted managers. She built this list from interviewing managers and practitioners. Read the whole post: The five steps include: the need to get to know your team and what motivates them learning to shift your sense of satisfaction to […]

Turnover at the top

One supervisor was counting up the number of plant managers he had seen come and go during the past five years. There were seven different people at the top, each with their own agenda. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that employees might roll their eyes at yet another imperative change coming from a […]

From Doer to Leader

When a great employee becomes a team leader, supervisor or manager, the transition isn’t always smooth. This week we examine some of the challenges and advice for moving from doer to leader.    Great workers can become mediocre leaders if they don’t acknowledge that some of the characteristics of being a great worker can work […]