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Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options Explore Your Options - Unique Training and Development

 Do you know why you should consider your options?  You don’t want to narrow down your choices too quickly when solving problems or making decisions. My dad always told me when I was buying something, I needed to look at two or three different options. He was coaching me on how to become a […]

Resolve Team Conflict

Resolve Team Conflict resolve team conflict

When you approach employees who are in the middle of a heated argument, how do you help resolve the conflict? Use these four questions to help discover what the source of the conflict is and some possible solutions: 1. “What caused the disagreement?”  Most conflicts don’t emerge instantly. They have probably been brewing hard feelings over […]

Unlock The Secret To Top Performance

Unlock The Secret To Top Performance Manufacturing worker

 Should you think of your employees as athletes? Today, I want to talk about an article I read recently that talked about how athletes are conquering distance and whether you can apply some of those same concepts to elevate your team’s performance. The article was in the Wall Street Journal, and it talked about […]

Are You Using Teamwork To Your Advantage?

Are You Using Teamwork To Your Advantage? two blue collar workers in factory

Many leaders believe that their team doesn’t want to help problem solve or make things better in the department. Some even believe that their team is actively working against their success. This mindset is a big mistake, as it impedes your ability to make the kinds of improvements your department needs in order to satisfy […]

Let’s Talk Workplace Problem Solving

Let’s Talk Workplace Problem Solving Two men wearing hardhats and talking

 Instead of complaining about problems, try converting them into projects to improve your department. Here are three tips for converting problems into projects. Tip number one: don’t just accept the problem, be determined to fix it. It can be tempting to complain about things that frustrate you instead of looking for a solution, but […]

Are You Too Nice?

Are You Too Nice? over friendly leaders

Can a leader be too nice? Are you trying to be so nice and friendly with your team that you are actually hurting your perceptions of leadership effectiveness with them and probably not achieving anywhere near what you could be with your team? The reality is many frontline leaders struggle with how friendly they should […]

How To Get Your Team To Do More

How To Get Your Team To Do More airline manufacturing

 Can you push your team to do more? Now is a great time to think about how you can push your team to an even greater level of performance than they are able to achieve right now. In this current COVID-19 situation, which is when we are actually taping this segment,  it is amazing […]